Oldest 1% club in Europe

Sometime in the year 2001 the Van Damme family decided a move was on the cards, so with      everything packed, including Motorcycle and of course the colors of the Blue Angels. Colors which are never given but earned by a long process of time served, First being a hangaround then on to prospect then your Blue and eventually full colours. Van Damme had been one of the original Members of the Belgium Chapter from the late

80s. On arrival in Spain he decided that a Spanish Chapter was needed, the first step was to solicit the necessary permissions from all the European chapters, this given the task to build the Spanish chapter got under way. Initially members of various European chapters came to make Spain their home, unfortunately due to the economic down turn in the European Union, jobs became difficult to secure and finances dried up.

Many returned to their country of origin. In the early years there was a plethora of prospects who wanted to wear the patch, but standards could not be lowed so alas many fell by the way side, only the toughest got through. By October 2012 the required number of full patch members was reached and the Spanish chapter was given its Charter by no less than the mother chapter President and one of the founder members, Lenny Reynolds. The event was attended by all European chapters, and a few selected and invited clubs. The Chapter is moving from strength to strength. The Blue Angels mc Spain now have a second Chapter named Murcia.


Dirk Van Damme

50 years




New Murcia Chapter

In March 2014 at the international officers meeting Dirk Van Damme was made National president of the Blue Angels Spain. With the Costa Azul chapter, which Van Damme had started some years back, running well, and with a good number of full patch members plus a bunch of prospects coming through, he decided a new chapter was needed. After discussions with the Mother chapter in Glasgow and with the Costa Azul chapter, the go ahead was given. With the release of a few full patch members from the Costa Azul chapter, a meeting was held and on the 12 April 2014 the new chapter was formed. The new chapter is to be called Murcia chapter, and will run side by side and in close contact with Costa Azul Chapter, This will add strength to the Blue Angels in general and in particular to the Blue Angels mc Spain.


Blue angels

By the power invested in me through

Precedence, an original member of

The Blue angels, Glasgow, Scotland

And President of the Glasgow Chapter

Today this Chapter is granted today

The 6th day of the 10th month of 2012

To the Blue Angels, Costa Azul,

Murcia, Españia. To Brother Dirk

Van Damme for the overseeing of

The above Chapter and for his effort

In Building up the said Chapter. May

The effort continue and the Best

Of Luck to the Chapter in Future.

Club President.

Lenny Reynolds.


1963 - 2013